October 28, 2021

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UST Named Educational Lover in Our Sunday Customer Institute’s 2021 Catholic Innovation Obstacle

HOUSTON, TX — College of St. Thomas – Houston collaborates with OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation to blaze new trails for Catholic innovation. UST will offer curriculum and school via the Cameron College of Company for the 2021 OSV Challenge Accelerator stage building material modules for entrepreneurial contestants so they find out how to shift their startups from thoughts on to reality.

“UST and OSV Institute are embarking together on a new collaboration,” UST President Dr. Richard Ludwick said. “Our mutual goal is as ancient as the Christian working experience and as long run focused as the assure of tomorrow. Innovation is a hallmark of Catholic vitality, and it is altogether suitable and great that UST and OSV Institute would group up to advance it. We are fired up by the possible this connection delivers.”

UST has a vital role in the OSV Obstacle

OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation President Jason Shanks reported. “It’s an honor to partner with Dr. Ludwick and his crew as we go on to enrich the Accelerator working experience for our semi-finalists. UST’s target on innovation, alongside with their look at of the University as an apostolate for the New Evangelization, makes them an excellent strategic husband or wife for the Innovation Obstacle.”

UST performs an significant part in the OSV Challenge. The College will provide a 6-week, 18-hour summertime boot camp that includes in-human being and on-line entrepreneurial schooling with content that enhances the spiritual growth and business enterprise acumen of the Catholic innovators. Along with OSV Institute, UST will also acquire a achievement scorecard to evaluate the plan. UST will also give enter to the judges figuring out the 12 finalists from the 24 semi-finalists.

Continuing the Catholic Church’s Prolonged Heritage of Innovation

The Catholic Church has a extensive historical past of innovation. “The Church has always been at the forefront of good tips – medical center programs, schools and universities, missions, shrines and some of the best art recognized to gentleman,” Shanks explained. “The OSV Problem is a look for for Catholic innovators with entire world-modifying suggestions.”

Building Visions a Reality
The OSV Challenge final three winners will each and every receive $100,000 prize income. In the broadest conditions, initiatives may be inventive endeavors, small business ventures, ministry products, physical goods, or group and charitable initiatives. Concepts really don’t want to be religious but OSV wants the strategy creators to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Obstacle Timeline
February 1 – April 2: Programs Recognized: The 2021 OSV Problem has gained just about 600 programs.
April 30: Spherical 2 Starts: Chosen entries will go on to round two wherever contestants will answer a questionnaire, acquire a small business product canvas and submit a shorter video clip for their job.
June 28: Semi-Finalists Introduced
July 12: 6-week Accelerator Starts
August 30: Twelve Finalists Declared
September 17-19: OSV Innovation Summit Together with OSV Challenge Showcase: The 12 OSV Problem 2021 Finalists pitch their assignments in pursuit of additional investment and the three $100,000 prize winners will be declared at the Omni Hotel in Houston, TX.

OSV Roots
OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation is portion of OSV (previously Our Sunday Customer), founded by Fr. John Francis Noll, which has been in procedure for 110 a long time. Fr. Noll was a Catholic innovator of his day. Just lately, OSV has integrated to a digital system from a print publication to continue to keep up with the technologies of our situations. OSV Institute was formed in the 1970s and recently rebranded.

This is the second annual competition introduced to spark innovation and revitalize creativeness in the Church. The Obstacle competitors was born out of the want to boost the performance of the OSV Institute supplied grants and empower Catholic innovators in the New Evangelization and to construct on OSV’s daring initiative.

College of St. Thomas’ Modern Spirit
UST is also on the forefront of innovation in Catholic increased instruction using its platforms to evangelize the Gospel and to place the human element in innovation. Just lately, UST developed the Maximilian Kolbe Innovation Community, a digital think tank, created to spawn tips and support UST in turning the classic academic model on its ear to grow in Christ and prosper in the 21st century. Dr. Beena George serves at UST’s very first Main Innovation Officer.