November 30, 2022

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<strong>Different ways you can use eBay to sell items and make money</strong>

Different ways you can use eBay to sell items and make money

eBay is a fantastic business if you are thinking of starting up on your own. Unless you particularly want one, you will not have to have your own website. Thanks to eBay, you will easily be able to show your products to those members of the public that have a valued interest in buying them, so you will not have to pay out for SEO services, and there are various options for being able to sell your items and make money.

<strong>Different ways you can use eBay to sell items and make money</strong>

Buying items in bulk 

Buying items in bulk, either as wholesale lots or job lots on eBay or from the manufacturers themselves, is a good way of getting loads of stock at bargain prices and then selling them separately. You can even purchase full or part full shipping containers from overseas, but you do have to have somewhere secure where you can store the items while they are either waiting to be listed or to be sold.

Stock that is purchased in container loads can be large items of furniture, for instance, and with some container bargains, you may not necessarily know what it is that you are getting until you open your container up.

Selling items in bulk

You could sell items in bulk and make money. Banding together batches of the same product, for instance, could help them sell faster even if they are slightly under their single value per item. You may very well find that selling an item singularly could take a week, maybe, more, whereas if you bundle three or five items together, they sell a lot faster, meaning that the money is back in your account for you to use on more profitable stock items. Selling items in job lots such as the end of lines or mismatched items is another way of recouping money while also making a profit at the same time. 

When you are selling in bulk or job lots, you will have to look into couriers in order to get your eBay shipping completed; this is where it is a good idea to go to a shipping broker where you can just enter your eBay item ID and start collecting quotes


However, if you are strapped for space, you can always try your hand at drop shipping. This is where you put up the listing, and the manufacturer deals with making and shipping the item to your customer. How much profit you make out of this kind of deal will vary depending on the arrangement that you make with the manufacturer.

However, when you are dealing with drop shipping, there are some very important things you must take into consideration before jumping straight into this very easy business model. This is because eBay takes customer feedback very seriously indeed. If you get too many negative feedback scores, you are likely to have your account suspended.

When you have a drop shipping arrangement with a manufacturer, there may very well be a time when your customer’s orders do not go out correctly, get sent late, or get missed altogether. Although you can take up the issues with your manufacturer, your customer will be blaming you, and it is you who with receive the negative feedback and not those responsible.