November 30, 2022

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5 Hacks for Packing Up Your Business for Relocation

If you’re moving your business to a larger facility or have a wonderful chance to expand into a bigger market, your moving strategy can save you a lot of time and fuel. To keep your costs as low as possible, look to avoid relocating a great deal of weight or let someone else move your product, furniture, and raw goods.


If you’re still working off of paper, this is an ideal time to digitize. Invest in paperless filing software that you can load with your current paper source data. As you move to relocate certain aspects of your business, you will likely have folks who lose their works station. Put them to work scanning your documents.

Paperless business data does include a learning curve. However, if you can avoid moving boxes and boxes of historical paper with a quality paperless system that you can integrate with AP, payroll, and AR, you will have a lot more flexibility in your new office and you will save a great deal on moving fees. Finally, your accountant will be very happy!

Upgrade Furniture

If you’re expanding to a new city that is fairly close to your current facility, send out all your office furniture for a cleaning or an updated upholstery finish. Moving all that furniture out of your way will make the rest of your packing much simpler and let you repaint or clean carpets early if you plan to sell the building or need to turn it back to your landlord.

Now is also a great time to think about an upgrade to your logo, up to and including your commonly used colors. If your business has never had a logo, it’s time to hire a freelance designer and get a custom logo that lets you celebrate your new growth.

Ship Stock And Raw Goods Professionally

Depending on what you’re selling, you may be able to change your address with suppliers and let your UPS driver move a lot of your stock. If you’re moving your used car dealership, hiring a skilled auto transport service in California or other states you operate from can help you get your new stock relocated safely.

Professional movers can be a much more effective investment than paying your staff to move your raw goods and product. Not only may they be able to lift more than some of your sales staff, but they’re insured to cover any damage caused by drops, falls, and moving truck fender benders. You may be able to ask some staff to swap weekdays for weekends or work 4 10-hour days before the move so they can take a three-day weekend before starting work in the new facility.

Have A Sale

Cash travels cheaply. If you’ve got a retail business, go to the trouble to have a big moving sale so you can clear out a great deal of stock before you need to move things. If your stock comes in wrapped in plastic or custom packaging and you know a move is coming, save up wrapping products that may have previously gotten discarded and re-wrap your stock for the safest shipping possible.

If there’s any risk of transportation damage, you may be better off donating unsold items and taking the tax break. Leave as much as possible boxed up in the weeks leading up to your move so you don’t face a product loss from moving damage.

Upgrade Your Security

Do take the time and spend the money to hire a security team to check on your new facility until your employees are able to relocate. Raw materials that get delivered to the back loading dock of your facility may not draw a lot of attention, but those new cars in front of your new building will. Because many new business designs also include lots of windows, even loading in boxed stock to the front of the store can draw the wrong attention. Make security the first improvement on the building.

Consider also getting away from keys and codes. Put security swipe lanyards to work for all employees so you can know who’s in the building and when they get there. If you need to secure certain sections of the building, you can make that change by adding one programmable lock.

Your relocation could be a wonderful way to grow your business. Change is tough; if you’re already changing your location, the other changes listed above will be less of a challenge and will greatly improve your business security and efficiency.